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Reintegration Support

Countries with reintegration partners

DRC Danish Refugee Council facilitates reintegration support via local partners who cooperate with the ERSO network (European Reintegration Support Organisations). DRC has been a member of the ERSO network since 2014.

Reintegration Support

About the ERSO network and cooperation with local reintegration partners

The ERSO network consists of European NGOs offering return counselling and reintegration support.

The purpose of the ERSO network is to offer counselling and support to rejected asylum seekers and migrants who wish to return to their home country, so that they can be reintegrated into their local communities.

The ERSO network's member organizations in Europe provide information and counselling and help with the preparation of the return journey. The local partner organizations in the home country offer supplementary advice and reintegration support adapted to the returnee's individual needs.

DRC works closely with the local reintegration partners both before and after departure, to ensure that returnees receive the necessary support and that a sustainable reintegration plan is drawn up and implemented.

Reintegration of people in vulnerable situations is a complex task, where many factors come into play, and competent reintegration partners are crucial if the process is to succeed. Experience shows that close and ongoing contact between all parties and a relationship based on trust between the returned person and the reintegration partner in the home country results in better reintegration processes.

In the country overview below, you can see in which countries the DRC has an active cooperation agreement.

You are welcome to contact DRC to find out more about the possibilities for reintegration support.

Further down this page you can met DRC's reintegration partner in Uganda and hear some of the returnees from Denmark explain which impact the reintegration assistance and support from a local reintegration partner has had on their reintegration process. 

Reintegration Support


In Somalia, reintegration support is offered through a program managed by the Danish authorities and the Norwegian authorities, with DRC Somalia acting as the local reintegration partner.

DRC Somalia must approve a returnee before the returnee can gain access to the reintegration program.

The program gives access to both cash and in kind reintegration support.

Contact to DRC Somalia can be accessed through DRC’s Asylum Department.

Reintegration Support

Reintegration support to other countries in the ERSO network

For a number of countries, although it is possible to enter into a cooperation agreement, DRC does not currently have an active cooperation agreement.

These countries are: Angola, Benin, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Ecuador, Guinea Conakry, Malawi, Mongolia, Niger, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tajikistan and Togo.

For countries where there is no active cooperation agreement, a longer case processing time must be expected.

You are welcome to contact DRC to find out more about the options.

Meet Caritas Uganda

Watch the video to meet Caritas Uganda and some of the returnees that Caritas Uganda has supported with reintegration after return from Europe to Uganda.

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